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Ideal would like to make the architect or spec writer’s job as simple as possible when looking for the best aluminum fence, gates or railing in the industry. Ideal can provide documented performance, technical information (including specific code approvals/test reports), engineered drawings and offer professional in-office seminars.

For product samples, additional LEED information or CAD drawings please contact Christian Lemmer.
Email: christian@ideal-ap.com
Phone: 877.323.6496

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fence solution

  • Fence Solution by Ideal will allow property owners to see how Ideal’s fence will actually look on their property prior to purchase. Take a picture of the home or commercial property, upload it, and aesthetically understand what Ideal's product will look like instantaneously. With a simple click of a button, you can show your customer various styles, colors and accessories. Fence Solution by Ideal will also give you the ability to move the fence left and right, up and down, and scale the size of the fence to match the correct proportion of your uploaded image.

View the fence solution online here or click the link below to use the iPad app.

Fence Solution - Ideal Deals, LLC



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