Above and Beyond

Let Ideal help you find the best solution for your home. Take advantage of Ideals imagination and innovation to truly make your yard unique. Along with the standard ornamental fence line Ideal has matching pedestrian and estate gates available in every style to complete your project. Ideal also offers a vast selection of rings, finials and scrolls that can be added to your fence and gates. Add that extra touch of class to your project with Ideals welded Arbors and Pergolas built with the quality and craftsmanship that are unmatched in the industry.




  • A fence is a significant investment. Often, materials used are difficult to distinguish from each other. Make sure you get a quality fence with an outstanding installation. Do your research.
    1. Call Ideal Aluminum Products toll-free at 877.323.6496 for a recommended installer in your area.
    2. Request names and addresses of several references with fences that are at least a few years old.
    3. Ensure that the company carries the proper insurance (Worker's Compensation, Liability).
    4. Question warranties and the installer's ability to honor them.


fence solution

      • Fence Solution by Ideal will allow property owners to see how Ideal’s fence will actually look on their property prior to purchase. Take a picture of the home or commercial property, upload it, and aesthetically understand what Ideal's product will look like instantaneously. With a simple click of a button, you can show your customer various styles, colors and accessories. Fence Solution by Ideal will also give you the ability to move the fence left and right, up and down, and scale the size of the fence to match the correct proportion of your uploaded image.

View the fence solution online here or click the link below to use the iPad app.

Fence Solution - Ideal Deals, LLC