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November 18, 2016

On Friday November 18, 2016, Governor Rick Scott visited Ideal Aluminum Products, a leading manufacturer of aluminum fence, gates and railing in St. Augustine, Florida.  The purpose of his visit was twofold – to make his monthly jobs announcement for the state of Florida, and to laud Michael Siegel, Doug Brady (the owners of Ideal) and the entire Ideal Aluminum Products team on their contributions to the economy of the State of Florida.

Governor Scott said, “I was proud to visit Ideal Aluminum today, a manufacturer that has created more than 110 jobs for families in St. Augustine. In the last year, 25,000 new jobs were created by businesses like Ideal Aluminum in Northeast Florida, which is great news. We will continue to do all we can to make Florida the most business-friendly state in the nation so job creators can continue to invest in our state and provide more opportunities for our families.”  About Ideal Aluminum, Governor Scott added, “It’s always fun to be around businesses, especially businesses that make something.  I don’t think you can build an economy if you don’t have manufacturing, if you don’t have people who build things.”

St. Johns County Commissioner Rachael Bennett added, “St. Johns County, our first priority is really economic development and bringing opportunities to our residents for high-paying wages. “Ideal has been one of our most magnificent success stories.”

Doug Brady, co-owner of Ideal Aluminum, said, “We are overwhelmed with the honor of Governor Scott’s visit and the recognition given to Ideal.  This recognition actually validates the real value of our business- our great people. To know we have had a positive impact on so many is the greatest reward.”

Michael Siegel, co-owner of Ideal Aluminum, said, “Today we are humbled. This visit and what we have accomplished together with the State of Florida and St. Johns County validates that the entrepreneurial and financial risks we took have been worthwhile.”

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