Ideal Aluminum Products warrants to the original purchaser of ornamental fence (the fence) and ornamental gates (the gate) that our fence and gates will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Ideal also warrants to the original purchaser that the products electrostatically applied powder finish will not crack, chip, or peel. This warranty does not extend to damage caused by use other than that which the product has been designed for: negligence, alteration, accident, improper installation, abuse, fading, chalking, misuse, vandalism or acts of God.

In adverse environments such as coastline and large cities, more frequent cleaning is recommended per below guidelines, to remove sodium and hydrocarbon deposits.


Use only 100% soft cotton cloth, mild soap, and clean water when washing, rub cloth in a circular motion. Make sure all residual soap is removed with clean water when washing is complete. DO NOT USE ORGANIC OR INORGANIC SOLVENTS TO CLEAN THE COATED EXTRUSIONAL/ALUMINUM PARTS. The solvents can react with the polymer matrix and soften the coating, thus affecting the weathering properties. DO NOT USE WATER JET SPRAYERS WITH A PSI OF OVER 500. The pressure could affect the surface of the coating and cause premature failure. All extrusions/aluminum parts must be cleaned under the above guidelines at least once a year from the date of installation. Product installed shall be covered under this warranty for a period of (5) years from date of installation. Product installed within 0 to 1 mile from the saltwater coastline shall be covered under this warranty for a period of (1) year from date of installation.


The following acts and/or omissions will void the subject warranty:


*Damage to the product caused by the property owner by use of landscape, gardening equipment or chemicals that may cause damage, and/or water sprinklers with high mineral content.

*Damage caused by allowing plant life of any sort, including tree sap, to grow directly upon or be in contact with any portion of the product.

*Failure to follow any and all maintenance instructions provided by IDEAL ALUMINUM PRODUCTS at the time of sale to the original purchaser, even if these instructions are not forwarded to the ultimate claimant under this warranty.


All claims for a breach of this warranty shall be submitted to Ideal in writing specifically describing the nature of the breach, together with a photograph of the defective portion of the product so that Ideal’s factory can determine if the claim is valid. Ideal shall, at its discretion, either repair or replace the defective portion of the product. However, all removal, shipping and reinstallation costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


The above sets forth Ideal’s complete warranty and the exclusive remedies against Ideal with respect to the product. NO ADDITIONAL WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN, EXPRESS, STATUTORY OR IMPLIED. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABLITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED. Ideal shall not in any event be responsible for consequential, personal injury or accidental damages. No person or entity is authorized to change, modify or supplement this warranty, and any such attempt and any other written or implied agreement shall not be valid against Ideal.


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