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January 20, 2014

Deland, Florida – Michael Siegel and Doug Brady, owners of Ideal Aluminum Products, proudly announce that Leo Kirby has joined Ideal Aluminum Products as Director of Sales.  Leo is an accomplished sales leader bringing 25-plus years of experience in sales and sales leadership.  He has led regional and national sales forces in both the insurance and propane industries.  Most recently, he was the South Florida Regional Manager for AmeriGas where he led the fastest growing business unit in the entire company.   

Siegel said that “Leo brings the expertise and track record of a successful Director of Sales.  We are very excited to welcome Leo to our management team.  With his experience, creative and adaptive sales approach and innovative problem solving skills, we know he will be a dynamic addition to Ideal.  Additionally, his fresh perspective from outside of the industry should help continue to propel us forward.”  Kirby said, “I am excited to have joined Ideal.  Ideal is one of the fastest growing companies in the fence, gates and railing industry.  My expertise is in recruiting, building, leading and rewarding great sales teams.  I am confident that my experience can help continue Ideal’s powerful growth in the future.  I know that we will constantly be in the hunt for new talent as we enter new markets and more deeply penetrate the markets we are already in.”  

Leo started with Ideal on January 6, 2014 and can be reached at or (786) 295-7227.

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Ideal Aluminum Products manufactures aluminum fence, gates and railing.  Ideal is passionately committed to supplying the best quality products, at reasonable prices, with the best service in our industry.  We are constantly exploring new trends and ideas that define the future of our industry.  All products are made in the U.S.A.  Visit the company’s website at or contact the company directly at 1-877-323-6496.